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What We Do


We have a mentorship program in place for our ladies to receive the one-on-one help they need. Mentors help the women set short and long-term goals, set healthy boundaries, make and live by a budget amongst other life skills. We have volunteers who are lawyers, counselors, family life educators, accountants, bankers, social workers, professionals in the medical field and other helpful specialists who are willing to assist these women on their path to a bright future. 

We currently have many of the children of our ladies assigned to an adult mentor, of their same gender. This adult spends time with the child and attends functions such as sporting events, recitals and/or other activities/hobbies the child is involved in.


We host a weekly meeting/gathering for our women to interact and build healthy friendships with others in their same stage of life. Every week may look different, but we always have intentional teaching that we believe will challenge and equip our ladies to live out who God has made them to be. We also have special occasions and parties for our ladies to experience and feel the love of God maybe for the first time.

Meet Needs

Each week, we pass out hygiene supplies and cleaning products as well as other items that food stamps do not help with. This is not to enable the women but to make life easier while they get on their feet or try to stay afloat while they are raising their children. We also offer other household items which we collect from donations. This varies from furniture to decorations and linens. Basically, anything it takes to run a household we are willing to help out with as long as they are trying their best and we can get our hands on the needed stuff.

Set Goals

We assist these women with setting up attainable goals and hold them accountable to reach these goals. We have seen great success in these women’s lives and are anxious to continue with new growing pains and new ladies to love.

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