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About Unpack

Unpack is a two-tiered approach to help women unpack the pain of their pasts as well as help them on the road to residency where they can unpack their things and make a home for themselves and their children. We do not have housing or assist with it; we simply want our ladies rooted and stable. We help them with things to make a home.  We work with single women whether they have never been married or those who find themselves beginning again; some out of incarceration, some out of abusive relationships, and others facing unforeseen circumstances where they are starting anew. 

We believe if these precious women get a real understanding of who they were created to be, they can succeed in all areas of life. We have ministered to numerous women in our community through providing support, encouragement and resources, and have seen great progress in many of their lives.


Unpack Ministries mission is to serve single mothers by providing support, encouragement, and resources that help them unpack the emotional hurts of the past and create a nurturing home.


Unpack Ministries is a commendable 501©3 non-profit organization that relies entirely on the kindness and generosity of donors. We know there are many worthy causes. We are thankful for those who pciks us.


Unpack offers numerous opportunities for individuals, church groups, and entire congregations to serve single women in our community. We are always delighted to welcome new guests into our ministry, and it holds great significance for our women to be served in various ways by a diverse group of people.

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Changing Lives One

Woman at a Time

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