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Meet Poppy

Poppy is the founding member and President of Unpack Ministries. She grew up in Lubbock, Texas, and has spent most of her adulthood there. She was a single mother and now has two grown children, both married, and three grandchildren.

Having grown up as a Christian and being part of various church communities, Poppy realized that the American “church” doesn’t truly understand how to meet the needs of women, especially single women. About 26 years ago, it became Poppy’s passion to create a safe space for single women and provide them with resources to succeed. She has diligently worked to support hurting women who seek to learn about God’s love and understand His goodness.

In her 40s, Poppy returned to school, studying Human Development and Family Studies, as well as Human Resources, at Texas Tech. Her goal was to understand the complexities of human attributes and assist struggling women not only physically and financially but also spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. After earning her Master’s in Family Life from Lubbock Christian, Poppy gained insight into the deep-rooted challenges faced by families. She has worked tirelessly to dispel the lies that the enemy has told these hurting women.

With her personal experience of singlehood, educational background, passion for women’s well-being, and a sense of God’s calling, Poppy launched Unpack. She continues to learn and grow alongside the women she has been privileged to serve and love.

How can I come alongside Poppy and change lives?

Supporting Poppy’s work is a wonderful gesture! Here are some ways you can contribute:

  1. Financial Donations: Consider making a financial contribution to Unpack Ministries. Your donations can help fund programs, resources, and outreach efforts that directly impact women in need. Poppy does not get a salary. If you want to donate to her directly, you can notate your financial contribution for "minister".

  2. Volunteer: If you have time and skills to spare, consider volunteering with Unpack Ministries. Whether it’s mentoring, organizing events, or assisting with administrative tasks, your involvement can make a difference.

  3. Spread Awareness: Share Poppy’s mission and the work of Unpack Ministries with your friends, family, and social networks. The more people know about their cause, the greater the impact they can have.

  4. Attend Events: Attend Unpack Ministries’ events, workshops, or conferences. Not only will you learn more about their work, but your presence also shows support and encouragement.

  5. Prayer: If you’re a person of faith, pray for Poppy, the team, and the women they serve. Spiritual support can be incredibly powerful.

  6. Invite Poppy to come speak at a special event or to any private group such as civic clubs, a book club, a sorority, a Bible study group, or any other occasion where people are together.


Remember that every little bit counts, and your support can help create a positive change in the lives of women who need it most as well as their children and generations to come.

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